No more no Less by Bernaded Dexters


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No more no Less by Bernaded Dexters

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“My portraits in this book have revealed nothing profound about the subject. What I tried to achieve, was to
share a moment with the artist. And now I share those moments with you, no more and no less!”

….Who needs “yet another” book with live/ portrait photographs of artists … ? I wondered.
Probably no one… was my first thought.
Why then go ahead with this book anyway?
…It all started some years ago, when I was taking pictures for -amongst others- “Deng” magazine, who’s editor
Marc Meulemans strongly urged me to go through my music archives, once and for all… Unfortunately, Marc
suddenly left us. So we never did.
All this time, Marc Tee (Musician) also gently pushed me towards putting together a “Best of” book.
“In my own and definite way” as he would put it.
During the year 2012 , more and more people I met along the way, shared their genuine interest in my archives.
All of this led me to finally make a selection of roughly 30 years of analogue music photography.

After having strolled through my archives, kind of ‘on a roadtrip ” in my own most impulsive way, this is the final

This selection isn’t about the “Who’s” or the “When’s” of the portraits.

More than anything, I off er you my kind of journal, full of emotions and beautiful memories…

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