Moshé by Sandrine Lopez


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Moshé by Sandrine Lopez

Moshé could be this: a ceaselessly reiterated interrogation.

Moshé by Sandrine Lopez is something much more than a particular project.
Never does Moshé show anything, tell anything or claim anything. It is an experience, an asceticism, a form of groping in the night worlds.

Moshé by Sandrine Lopez

Moshé could be this: a ceaselessly reiterated interrogation. A blinking look, shifting between curiosity and terror, into the depths of a being. And, no less, upon the unfathomable power of what keeps him standing before us, in flesh and spirit. Terribly naked, tragically fragile. And yet there, intensely so, despite the troubles, the hardships, the tragedies and the gazes.
The body, of course, is ever present. But a body exceeding its own outline, only manifesting itself as would a frail fire relentlessly offering its light over that extra measure of what ancient religions named the soul. Not much does justify this body. Everything seems to show that the burden of the world and History might have, might still, at any moment, crush and reduce him to nothing.

Moshé by Sandrine Lopez

Perhaps Sandrine Lopez only means to remind us how uncomfortable it can be to look and how myopic, if not blind, our eyes can be.

I wander through the images and do not see the faces and the hands, the feet or the torso. I cannot seem to identify an elderly man or a bedridden woman. The white of the bathroom is to me more visible than the bathtub, and the body immersed in water, as if for a moment swallowed by it, does not clearly signal any sense of passing. The water is too transparent. The evidence lies. The evidence only has a single function: to unearth. Christophe Van Rossom,

Moshé by Sandrine Lopez

Book review on the Bruzz blog by Sophie Soukias
“Quand on observe, page après page, le corps fragile de Moshé s’enfoncer dans le liquide chaud de sa baignoire, on ne peut s’empêcher de se demander s’il va en ressortir ou s’il va disparaître, à jamais, sous le bain bulle, pour rejoindre quelque chose d’infiniment plus grand, ce quelque chose qui l’a vu naître. Son corps et son visage, apaisé, semblent nous indiquer qu’il est prêt.”

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