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Monograph Vitas Luckus.


I believe that to some extent i have managed to figure out that one can view photography as an abstract natural phenomenon despite its documentary nature. I would like to exalt press photography, passport photography, i don’t want to denigrate happening photography, whether it is kitsch, photography on ceramics, on medallions. The most important thing is that i understand as a part of the mozartian feeling. All streams and spheres are interesting. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, what matters is how and with what talent you approach it, and it is not the number of work hours that make up the whole, but the expression of the experience of that unfathomable dreamlike stat, so that photography begins to sound like music.

There is a big difference  between understanding and perception. I put a greater importance on perception. Photography can not be made documentary anyway.

Looking at their passport photographs, most people say:’this is not what you look like’. Or someone else says:’You look different’. The impression is the most important thing, and it differs from documentary quality, because that is unreachable, it is deeper. Vitas Luckus


He was one of the most prominent postwar photographers in the Soviet Union; maybe he was even the best. I think the era of the heroic photographer ended with his passing. It turned out that we had both produced very similar series, simultaneously and independently (this often happens, with ideas floating in the air): his monochromatic montages, and my color ‘sandwiches”

Boris Mikhailov

This book is largely made of images related to the work of Vitas Luckus.
If you are looking for the biography of Vitas, you can follow this link

Kaunas gallery
Lithuanian Art Museum

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