Monograph Vitas Luckus. Biography (Lithuanian version)


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Monograph Vitas Luckus.


Vitas Luckus was a man of the fading era of modernism who sensed the exhaustion of photography as a traditional expressive form, and attempted to reanimate it in his documentary works, surreal montage series, and conceptual book projects.
But everything through which he revealed his free mind, and which he thought about, was ‘human, all too human’.
He did not encourage idealisation and did not seek justice, he disliked uncertainty, and he declared war on himself and a truce on others.
He took life by the horns, and pulled it so close to him that he heard its deep and heavy berating, to which he managed to respond with repressed rage and mad love. It is precisely this concentrated state that fills all his work.

He was one of the most prominent postwar photographers in the Soviet Union; maybe he was even the best. I think the era of the heroic photographer ended with his passing. It turned out that we had both produced very similar series, simultaneously and independently (this often happens, with ideas floating in the air): his monochromatic montages, and my color ‘sandwiches”

Boris Mikhailov

This book is largely made of text related to the life and works of Vitas Luckus.
The images, are here to illustrate some of the work which can be found in the ‘Work’ book.

Kaunas gallery
Lithuanian Art Museum

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