Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac by Melinda gibson


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Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac by Melinda gibson

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The body of work brings together a curated account around representations of women within 19th & 20th century photography through the unusual viewpoint of the backs of the images. The series explores what really constitutes ‘seeing’ and provoking questions whether we see with our eyes or with the preconditioned ideals and stereotypes that make up contemporary society, our culture.

Using representations of women as the theme really helped to examine this notion as throughout history the female form is so readily and heavily portrayed. Our perception, our knowledge, our likes, dislikes, acceptance, disapprovals are bound to visual images that we can easily call upon. From Suffragettes to Pornography we have an image in the minds eye ready and waiting. So when presented with the alternative view of these images, we not only remove the power of the gaze, but we become reliant on reading the information correctly or incorrectly inscribed on the backs.

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