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At Mirrored River by Enda Bowe

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At Mirrored River was inspired by the Gaelic word Teannalach (pron. “channah-lack”) which means awareness.
In particular, it is awareness of that which is intangible and hushed; of being aware of the quietness and presence of people, places and nature. With this in mind, I sought to capture the teannalach of stories and dreams within a singular town.

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The project is entirely made in an ordinary small industrial town although it is not a literal documentation about the town. The chosen space is deliberately reflective of other similar industrial towns across the world.

It was important for me to construct an unrecognizable geographical picture of a town which didn’t have recognizable iconic images, to avoid the obvious. I wanted to look at the ordinary every day spaces we inhabit and our ordinary daily lives because for me, the ordinary is where all the of the universal beauty, magic and possibilities lye.

at mirrored river By Enda Bowe Tipibookshop

As the late influential writer John McGahern said,
“the ordinary is the most precious thing in life”.

As the project unfolded, it became less about the location of the project and more about mapping the feelings contained within the town. ‘At Mirrored River’ is about the awareness of who we are, the questions we ask and the dreams we project. It is about the teannalach of a place.

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