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The summer issue of Foam magazine is all about overwhelming desire, intense eagerness, limitless hedonism and craving for pleasure. In one word: lust! The original sin still keeps the world turning. And let’s be honest: life would be horribly boring without it.
In all modesty, we think we have succeeded in creating an issue of Foam Magazine that does full justice to the theme ‘Lust’.

Naturally we have included the work of old master :

Larry Clark, not from his iconic series Tulsa or Teenage Lust, but rather a more recent one that expresses his fascination for the young Jonathan Velazquez.

From the youthful duo Rico&Michael, experts at playing on good taste and visual clichés, we present a shameless, hedonistic and often excruciatingly funny series.

Since a sense of lust is also often strongly associated with power, the inclusion of photographs from The Table of Power 2, the extremely precise portrayal of the settings of corporate power by Jacqueline Hassink seemed of great relevance. We are also pleased to be able to feature the unique work of Mao Ishikawa, who concentrates on the complex relationship between young Japanese women and American soldiers on the island of Okinawa in the 1970s.

From Antoine D’Agata series’ Anticorps, we selected and arranged photographs that reflect the powerful intimacy of his immersive practice oriented towards the obsessive and murky sides of reality.

Focusing on the semantics of contemporary pornography, Martin Stöbich melds words and images to create a body of work that conceals as much as it reveals while an excerpt from Terribly Awesome Photo Books, put together by Paul Kooiker and Erik Kessels, two insatiable collectors of extraordinary and bizarre images, exposes the pleasure they take in collecting and then combining their unique finds. We could hardly leave out the world in its own right that is high fashion, with its desirable designs and often equally desirable models, and the debauchery of after-parties replete with hedonistic delights.

Maxime Ballesteros takes us with him, giving us a peek behind the scenes.

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