Looking for my japanese family by Julie-Marie Duro


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Looking for my Japanese family by Julie-Marie Duro

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Looking for my Japanese Family is the chronicle of this ongoing quest where reality sometimes gives away to fiction, and where the new narration becomes part of the family history.

We were in a train in Japan when my mother told me about my grandfather who died before I got the chance to really meet him. She explained to me how he had a son with a Japanese woman in the 70s. She doesn’t know her brother’s exact age or where he lives. She doesn’t even know his name. That’s how I began observing the faces of those men, aged 40, sharing Japanese and European features and started hearing an increasingly strong voice in my head saying “This might be him!”. Since that day I wonder who my uncle is. What does he look like? What kind of life does he have? A year ago I decided to look for him.

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