Living in a painting by Maya Rochat


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Living in Painting by Maya Rochat

Living in a Painting by Maya Rochat ciaopress

Living in a Painting shows Maya Rochat’s true reflections that develop behind very contemporary themes such as global warming and woman power.

In her exhibitions, Maya intervenes with performances or interventions from experts and other artists to question the public on these issues. In the book form we created a connection between the artist’s works and private images taken from her phone that shows her daily life, her reflections and her inspirations.

Living in Painting by Maya Rochat tipibookshop ciaopress

The present book highlights a selection of those paintings and brings them in relation with my private imagery. I have been photographing my various sources of inspiration, recognizing similar motives of my paintings in scenes from my everyday life: carrot juice with pumpkin oil, some hail on the floor, trees in the night. M.R

Living in Painting by Maya Rochat tipibookshop ciaopress

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