TEIKAI trilogy by Daisuke Yokota


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Linger, Teikai and Immerse by Daisuke Yokota

Signed copy of Immerse available
Daisuke is the winner of the The Foam Paul Huf Award 2016

About the trilogy:
the kanji writing of TEIKAI has many meanings.
One of the them is “to linger”, to stay a bit longer.
Another meaning is: to wander at midnight. When taken out of context there’s no way to tell which is the intended meaning, starting from this ambiguity of language and word Daisuke Yokota’s started working on the TEIKAI trilogy.

LINGER is a perfect gateway into the work of Daisuke Yokota, the rising star of Japanese photography. Dark, ebullient and expressionistic, his work is largely process-driven; photographs of an erotic encounter between a man and woman are printed, rephotographed, and then the film is developed in an ‘incorrect’ manner before the final prints are made.Tim Clark

TEIKAI is a lonesome midnight drift through the outer edges of the city exploring the human obsession of reaching for the sky, circling around industrial areas and the construction sites’ modern wasteland, where the dreams of suburbia haven’t yet been dreamt.

IMMERSE explores a man/woman relationship through poetic suggestions and recurring elements. The structure is loosely built around micro sequences and intuitive associations.

“If we had the glow of the couple sharing erotic moments
in the first book, and his wandering in the night on the outskirts of the hotel room in the second, this third book seem to leave the woman in the same room, alone. There is an unappeased yearning to return somewhere, an irresistible voice calling to immerse yourself and remember.” words from 3/3 blog

If ‘re-photography’ were a word, then it would definitely apply to the work of Daisuke Yokota (born in Japan in 1983). His way of doing things is meticulous, almost obsessive: he shoots with a digital camera, prints, re-photographs the results on medium-format film, and then prints them again several times, using heat, acid and light to mark or distort the images. The result has the appearance of noise made visual, transience portrayed abstractly. By deconstructing the craft and reassembling its product, Yokota raises questions about both the practice of photography and the perception of reality. Daisuke at La Monnaie

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