Life is Elsewhere by Sohrab Hura


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Life is Elsewhere by Sohrab Hura

In 1999 my mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia out, I was only 17 years old. The doctor said that she had had trouble with schizophrenia for many years, just before the symptoms are not Obviously, no one noticed, and my father broke the strike suddenly accelerating the deterioration of the illness.
Since then, our family began to collapse step by step, because my mother’s fear of the outside world, we reject all the visits of people, as if to avoid the whole world, because I was embarrassed of her delusions and resentment, but after so many years in the past, I suddenly realized that she never stop loving me

… My Life is Elsewhere is a journal of my life, my family, my love, my friends, my travels, my sheer need to experience all that is about to disappear and so in a way I’m attempting to connect my own life with the world that I see with a hope to find my reality in it.

Sohrab Hura

Life is Elsewhere is the first book of the two part work Sweet Life.

Sohrab Hura was born on 17th October 1981 in a small town called Chinsurah in West Bengal, India and he grew up changing his ambitions from one exciting thing to another. He started with dreams of growing up and becoming a dog, which later turned to becoming a superhero and then to a veterinarian to a herpetologist to becoming a wild life film maker. Today he is a photographer, after having completed his Masters in Economics. He is currently the coordinator of the Anjali House children’s photography workshop that takes place during the Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia every year and his home base is New Delhi, India.

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