Life as a Night Porter by Chris Shaw


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Life as a Night Porter by Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw spent ten years working in London hotels, all-the-while using his camera to both document the hotels’ unexpected human spectacles and keep himself awake though the long hours of his shift. Whether capturing prostitutes waiting between “Johns,” weary hotel staff, the inebriated and profligate guests, or the details of the hotels’ faded grandeur, Shaw’s images transcend the physical boundaries of a place, and instead capture a state of mind in which few people would choose to stay more than a night.

“The players in this Shaw world are those that serve the hotel guests, the porters, the chefs, the clerks… and of course the guests themselves. I suppose that the guests are only partial “players” as the guests get to go back home and leave the phantom existence, returning to their “normal” world, however fucked up it may be. And trust me on this, it is likely fucked up.” ASX review here

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