Libretto by Julia Borissova


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Libretto by Julia Borissova

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“While working on the book, I live among images, prints, reflections. Appealing to the Imaginary, I play different roles. I’m both an author and a viewer. Representing various situations, I always know that it is not a reality, but I believe in it.” Julia Borissova

Libretto by Julia Borissova

Libretto sees the artist use both her own photos and those from an obscure archive to form a constructed space, akin to a theatrical stage, made of both the real and the imaginary.

from Libretto: Julia Borissova’s new book links theatre and photography

Libretto by Julia Borissova

At the flea market, I discovered an unknown archive, which included some photographs as well as images of ballerinas cut from newspapers and the unfinished biography of a woman who became an actress before World War II. I felt an existence of unfulfilled desire in her history and this drew my attention. In Life As Theatre – elephant mag

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