Le désert russe by ljubisa danilovic


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The Russian Desert

By year 2050, it is estimated that Russia, the largest country in the world, should decrease its actual population by a third and would only reach a hundred million of citizens.

“The Russian Desert” is my personal photo report around the snowy Russia suggesting this inevitable demographic disaster. I have both a poetic and a documentary approach. Through my work, I share my personal views and feelings regarding unknown parts of the world.

These creations are representations of the demographic desert along with the extreme environment and the loneliness of people, and at times a dreamlike world with strange animals and empty landscapes where people look like ghosts. I had the opportunity to cross Russia in 3 occasions now, traveling on the mythical Trans-Siberian Railway from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. But my work is not about trains or Russia. It is about a journey, my 15-year inner journey which is about to come to an end.

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