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“Lapa do Lobo” – Book with commisioned work by André Cepeda, Tito Mouraz, José Pedro Cortes, José Bacelar, Paulo Catrica e Ângela Berlinde

In its origin, the inventive process of photography comprised a collection of passions and discoveries which, put together, provide a record of memories that are closer to reality. LAPA DO LOBO project is contiguous to that photographic ontology: each of the authors devises and displays the space memorised by each shot. The outcome is a plural vision from every author, who shares moments of synthesis of personal information and visual culture with the observer.

Thus, the physical existence of Lapa do Lobo village is mapped out by fractioned and subjective observations, distant from postcard or tourist archives. Each of the authors subdues space, leading the viewer to read every image in a way he had never thought possible before.

In the words of the well known philosopher Walter Benjamin, “the urge to bring things closer, both spatially and humanely became an obsession nowadays, just like the tendency to deny the unique or ephemeral character of an event by freezing it by using photography. There is an increasingly intense urge to reproduce an object in close-up…” This statement from the late thirties has become more up-to-date with the advent, popularity and amount of digital capture, revealing a voracious recording of the moment by means of photography. Photographing has become as commonplace as breathing.

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