La plume plongea la tete by Sara Palmieri


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La plume plongea la tete by Sara Palmieri

This work explores the constant dualism in the life among the human search of the absolute invisible to the eyes, and the reality as we see it. Among the elevation and the fall, the strength that holds us anchored to the ground and the desire of escape. I found in Mallarmé’s poetic the evocation of my images. ‘La plume plongea la tete’ is a sentence drawn by his ‘Herodiade’. The feather (la plume) in Mallarmé symbolizes metaphysically the human life represented in the feather’s slow, fragile, but continuous to circle on the abyss, around to a virtual axle, a thin fracture, showing its two faces of light and obscurity. The absolute has no borders, it is horizontal, it is vertical. It is the empty, the essence of the reality purified of the rationality and the bonds, it is a white page. In the white, in the silence, it is possible to graze the absolute one.

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