Je suis malheureuse et heureuse by Anais Horn


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Je suis malheureuse et heureuse by Anais Horn

Je suis malheureuse et heureuse” by Anaïs Horn: Exactly 100 years after Nin’s writings, Horn explores the magic and the problems of being a female teenager, the rites of passage, the timeless and the time-specific topics of female coming of age. Horn’s book project “Je suis heureuse et malheureuse” is a publishing experiment at the intersection of photography, literature, performance, and video.

The artist explores the legacy of Anaïs Nin’s journals and their influence on her life and her work. Texts, journals, and images are interwoven in a subtle and collaborative editorial process, with diary fragments from American poet Jackie Wang, and texts from Maren Lübbke-Tidow and Verena Walzl. The book is designed by Fondazione, Vienna. Through close collaborations, she experiments with diaristic practices.

“Openness and reticence, strength and vulnerability, self-confidence, and uncertainty about the world are all expressions of the self, which in pictures of youth are often close at hand. Perhaps they are saying, through Anaïs Horn, so aptly: Je suis malheureuse et heureuse—and the whole ambivalence of the being-in-the-world becomes tangible.” Maren Lübbke-Tidow

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