Index G by Piergiorgio Casotti and Emanuele Brutti


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Index G by Piergiorgio Casotti and Emanuele Brutti

Signed by both artists

The Gini Index is a statistical measure of inequality.

The Gini Index is a statistical measure of inequality, also used to measure residential segregation.
The optimism associated with recent declines in racial segregation in U.S. metropolitan areas may be dampened by new evidence of racial and ethnic geographic balkanization at other levels of geography (places & suburbs).

In other words ethnoracial segregation has declined at some levels of geography (neighborhood-to-neighborhood) while increasing at other spatial scales (city- to-suburb or suburb-to-suburb). In St Louis, for instance, ZIP codes matter. North of Delmar blvd, 95% black, life expectancy is 67. At a walking distance, few hundreds yards south of Delmar blvd, 70% white, a person has a life expectancy of 82.

Silence, uncertainty, absence are the words that drive the book.

this work unfolds as a “theater of silence” play, made of an absence of characters and their peculiar stories, where things seen and narrated remain untold and suspended in time, in that specific moment of uncertainty, poised between something elusive that just happened, and whose consequences we are just able to perceive, or the exciting feeling that it will happen soon. A limbo filled with tensions and doubts.

Index G, a collaborative project he’s made with photographer Emanuele Brutti and curator and book designer Fiorenza Pinna, explores the harsh reality of this segregation, which is measured with the so-called Gini Index. Where once racial segregation in the US was obvious, and even enshrined in law, it’s now peppered throughout cities on a micro level, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and can therefore be easy to miss. “There were unexpectedly very few literal barriers in St. Louis; this meant that our first trip was a disaster,” says Casotti. “I didn’t know what to take pictures of.” Lauren Kelly in the BJP

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