Immersed in Stone – Black ice by Line Bøhmer Løkken


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immersed in Stone – Black ice by Line Bohmer Lokken

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The landscape images are unedited, the hierarchical inequality between good and bad photographes is erased.

No paths or cairns, only rocks, steep mountain peaks and glaciers. Line Bøhmer Løkken wanted to revive old knowledge, feel the airiness, challenge difficulty and persistence. Look for the edge of her own limits, with the certainty that small mistakes could have serious consequences.

Pictures were taken when not concentrating on walking. I didn’t think about it as a possible project, more like a logging or silent registration. I hardly looked at what I was recording, had no concept or plan for how to use it.

To my surprise the material contained something that I could not have foreseen, a sort of presence, or a physical materiality that trigged other senses than the gaze. Not only to se the landscape, but to be in it, or in one with it.

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