III by Robin Maddock


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III by robin maddock

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British photographer Robin Maddock’s third book, entitled ‘III’, incorporates three subjects, shot in three cities in the United States. Shot entirely in black and white, the three monochrome subjects take centre stage; a solitary floating sheet of paper, spilt milk, and a ping-pong ball, dropped casually onto sun-bathed sidewalks.

‘III’ is part homage to 20th Century American photography, part response to a country already saturated in documentary images, and a visual history well known to us from the ether of both high and low culture. These 64 photographs, a pictorial riddle of small interventions, are an attempt to leave this tradition in some small way.

Dissastisfied with his earlier documentary-driven approach, Robin Maddock turned to uncompromising, abstract motifs and tells Stephen McLaren why getting lost is all part of the journey.
Interviw with Stephen McLaren on the BJP website : Spot the ball: Robin Maddock’s uncompromising, ambiguous vision of California

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