Hortus Botanicus by Rafael Monzó


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Hortus Botanicus by Rafael Monzó

Hortus Botanicus, one might think that everything is said in the title. This term refers to a botanical garden, and in this case, the one in Valencia – Spain, town where Rafael lives. For it to be factual, the title remains mysterious, precisely by this reference to Latin, the official language of the « plants and trees » world, although it often remains a linguistic approximation.
However, this is not to a guided tour that Rafael invites us, but rather to an imaginary journey. This work takes us back to those moments of childhood during which we slept in the grass to watch the canopy and let our imaginations wander. No way here to recognize the garden of Valencia, it is in a dream world that Rafael takes us.

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I notice you combine or mirror two pictures to make one image; what’s the advantage for you and is not ‘just’ a technique to make something interesting?

I used the symmetry differently in two projects. To ‘Monochromes’ series, I was interested in the creative act of a new landscape based on their symmetry. In this series the two works are separated by a white space, framing each part by itself, in isolation. But if we look at the two sides together they form a pictorial dichotomy based on this new image. In ‘Ufologie’ the idea was to develop some flyers basing objects in the kaleidoscopic image. I wanted to build, develop and invent from heavy industrial buildings such as steel, brick and wood, very light flying objects, able to hover weightlessly. I have to say that the project ‘Ufologie’ arises because of an accident that immobilized me for several months and that allowed me to work the photographs digitally.

taken from an interview on Urbanautica

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