Hollow by Martin Bogren


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Hollow by Martin Bogren

Signed ed of 350 with a signed print

Hollow was photographed in Northern Europe during the winters of 2008-2018

It is the moment when you feel your heart and your throat swell or your stomach tighten, it depends. And, for just one moment, your are no longer anything else than this bite in your heart.

Like winter paleness, a thick coat of snow or of night that cushion everything. And all is silent.

It is the moment when you close your eyes to slip into yourself and yet in which you no longer belong to yourself. something escapes, leaving an emptiness that is impossible to fill. Suddently dizzy, you would watch yourself almost disappear.

It is the moment when your eyelids half open. A path takes shape.
A horizon, a dream, a gesture, a love, an elsewhere. A promise, the first signs of resurrection.
Like summer, a glint of light or an illumination that embraces everything. And all is silent. It is the moment when you open your eyes. A fading shadow. A lightness within, like a dance just begun.

The dizziness, this time, of surrendering to in the world.

Text by Caroline Bénichou

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