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Buried beneath its wild undergrowth and savage natural beauty, the Madagascan town of Diego Suarez hides many secrets. In 2003, whilst riding his motorbike home from Le Grand Circle Diego casino one evening, Cyril Costilhes’ father was involved in an accident that left him crippled with front lobe dementia. As a result, just over 10 years later, Costilhes has returned to shoot the mysteries of the land that snared his father’s sanity. The French photographer recorded his findings in his new book the Grand Circle Diego – and the results are dark, twisted and startling. Opening with an ominous quote from Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, it reveals a nightmarish new side to an otherwise idyllic town. Obscured and captionless images of discarded bones and facial deformities flicker to torn flesh and blood pools as Costilhes battles with his demons and revisits his father’s old home. We spoke to him about his inspirations, his discoveries and the difficulties he faced in the process.(…Dazed)
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