We all go to the heaven by Christophe Vander Eecken


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We all go to the heaven by Christophe Vander Eecken

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The scene of “We all go to the heaven’” is the unruly dockland district along
the Oude Dokken (Old Docks) in the north-east corner of Ghent. Muide, Meulestede and Dampoort. Less than one and half kilometres from the city centre and the houses, streets, even the people, still bear the scars of Ghent’s industrialisation, which brought Ghent not only glory, but great hardship too.

Photos have also been taken along the quays of the Voorhaven and Tolhuisdok, an industrial area with old cotton warehouses forming the western boundary of the Muide and more or less connecting up with the Oude Dokken.

Many places around the docks have been transformed into building sites. New
buildings are springing up; old warehouses are half demolished or waiting to be knocked down. Houses have been boarded up. Weeds grow between the cobbles in parts of the street that are no longer used. In a few years time, things will look very different. Then it will become “aharmonious blend of homes, offices, green and public spaces”, to quote the project developers from their brochures. Those looking at the photos will understand that this will be profitable, not only both in literal but also figurative terms. It will also mean that much will be lost, primarily the freedom and the beauty of this type of crumbling suburb.

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