Go There by Gen Sakuma


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Street photographers have got to be some of the most dedicated photographers out there. In order to capture those quirky moments, the camera has to be in hand all the time. The love and curiosity they have for people and the world is something more should adopt. Slowing down in such a fast paced world can be a difficult concept to consider, especially if the world you’re living in is Tokyo, but Sakuma has not only managed to do it, but he’s excelled at it.

In the afterword Gen Sakuma explains that the “There” in “Go There” is an undefined place he’s constantly searching for. The images he’s captured are moments experienced on his journey. On his way “there”. Well, I hope he never gets there. I hope his search continues and I hope he continues to show us what he encounters along the way.

from The New Frame
Video from the angry bat

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