Getting the extra beating heart out of my chest by Adina Ionescu Muscel


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Gettting the extra beating heart out of my chest

The book’s starting point is the intimate relationship that occurs between twins sharing their room, their bed and ultimately, their early existence. However, growing up is growing apart. The book is a visual interpretation of the subtle change of the photographer’s point of view on her own relationship to her twin sister, as the distance between them grows deeper.

My sister and I were born 5 minutes apart. For 24 years we have shared the same room. At 24 she got married and followed her husband to Germany. Later, they both moved to the United States to continue their education. There she had her first child, then her second.
It’s been 21 years since we separated.
By confronting images from my mother’s family album and present pictures taken in America, I question our relationship as twins, as our once interchangeable places transformed progressively into the present configuration of our complementary existences.

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