Fifty High Seasons by Shane Lynam


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Fifty High Seasons by Shane Lynam

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“The book is an accomplished summation of a long term engagement with place and an excellent example of what that kind of dedication to a subject can achieve.” Darren Campion for Irish Arts Review

In 1963 President de Gaulle initiated a regional development plan known as ‘Mission Racine’, to develop a wild and windy stretch of French coastline between Montpellier and Perpignan into a series of resorts.

Avant-garde architects were hired to construct unique and unusual spaces which would be responsive to the local environment and focused on the individual.

Fifty High Seasons by shane lynam

Although the project provided a new source of income locally, Mission Racine was not only about enriching the region. It included an 18% quota of social housing to allow more French citizens to take advantage of their time off work. It would become an alternative to the expensive Cote d’Azur without the high rise excesses of similar developments further south in Spain.

Fifty High Seasons by shane lynam

Shane Lynam spent the majority of his summer holidays in the region since 2003.
From the very beginning, he felt compelled to photograph the surfaces of the colourful surroundings.
Although much has changed in his life since he began making the work in 2010, this project has maintained a constant presence.

Fifty High Seasons by shane lynam

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