Façade Démocratique by David Nollet


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Façade Démocratique by David Nollet

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Façade Démocratique is a poem in photographs that were made in Belgium just before the current financial, political and social problems erupted.

What you see, more than your own evolution, is how the world has changed. How the light in the street has changed. If you walk through the city today, you see reflections all the time. That’s because shop windows have double glazing now ans they are reflecting light differently from in the past.
Each era has its own movements, clothes and also poses.(…) People are not looking around anymore as they did 15 years ago.
They are looking inside themselves, less through the windows and less at each other.
When they come home in the evening they put on the television and they watch what is going on in the world, but when they are in the tram they hardly see who is passing by.
They have no interest. That is also the problem of photography, I believe. In the past, I saw more concern. Herman Selleslags

And then there’s this girl, isolated in a car show, dreamy. She reminds me so much of this photograph by Robert Frank, a young woman in an elevator. I just want to join Jack Kerouac who asked about that girl : « That little ole lonely elevator girl looking up sighing in an elevator full of blurred demons, what’s her name & address?  » This image condenses all the tenderness and melancholy of David Nollet, his empathy that crosses pages and takes us with a hope constantly renewed. It is not for nothing than his publishing house is called « Cape of Good Hope » (we shall never give up !).

Christophe Le Toquin editor of who needs another photo blog

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