Every Body is an Archive by Liz Orton


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Every body is an archive by Liz Orton

Signed copies during and after Polycopies event during Paris Photo – 16:00, Vendredi 8 / Friday 8th

Liz Orton uses medical imaging and clinical representation to focus on the medical gaze and its power relations.

Through collaborative portraits, co-opted algorithms, and appropriated and cropped images from medical textbooks, she seeks to reclaim what makes us human from the hard facts and figures of medical imaging and the ways of seeing that accompany them.

It’s work that humanises images that are seen as evidential, scientific and objective yet come with a history that is tied to ideas of institutional power, surveillance and male-dominated hierarchies. In that sense, her work is not just about the medical gaze, it’s about the history of photography and the ways in which it is used against people.

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