Ensemble seul by Eric Antoine


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Ensemble seul by Eric Antoine

In this new self published book “ensemble seul”
Eric Antoine remains shows 5 years of work with the painstaking wet collodion process on glass.

The photographer introduces us to his intimate world, a universe filled with silvery reflections, isolated objects and individuals. He invites us to embark on an introspective journey to consider the individual’s place in a society sworn to excess.

These works are the result of a period of isolation during when the artist commited to the exercice of finding his subjects in a radius of 100 meter around his bed. (except the last 3 pages )
Ensemble seul focuses on what we tend to neglect due to lack of time and stands against any form of sensationalism.
Ensemble seul celebrates beauty in its simplicity: the beauty of lonely individuals as well as the obsolete yet exceptional objects of everyday life. Antoine’s choice of the wet collodion process points to his philosophy.

In his life and work, Antoine stands firmly against the limitations that rapid-fire lifestyles and any form of sensationalism place on human experience. Beyond the opportunity of honing technical and aesthetic perfection that it offers, his use of this process today implies a chronological game between the origins of photography and contemporary images.

The photographer plays with different definitions of time: exposure time, period time, measuring time. By using large format photography, he has imparted an element of ambiguity, suggesting that the stories hinted at in the photographs have yet to be completed.

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