Egg Hunt by Jim Reed


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“In 2011 I went to Florida to find the spot where my family had been photographed together 25 years earlier to the day. The photograph had a special meaning for me because it was the last one taken before my parents separated and my father died. So I went back, wandered around trying to figure out exactly where it was taken, calling my mother periodically to try and get her to rack her brain to remember details from more than 20 years ago.

“I wasn’t sure if I found the right spot but I still took a picture with my 4×5 camera of a churchyard where I thought we had been on that day. We were celebrating Easter Sunday together, my brother and I doing an egg hunt in the yard. It was only when I got back home that I realized I had photographed the right spot for the egg hunt but the wrong spot for the family portrait. From there I started photographing other places where my family had lived and the hospitals and homeless shelters where my father spent a lot of time in his last years.”
Jim Reed

interview with Jim reed

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