Dusk by Julie van der Vaart


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Dusk by Julie van der Vaart

By playing an association game the book is formed.
DUSK consists out of 27 analogue black and white images taken from four different photography series in which landscapes and human figures play a central role. The overall atmosphere of the book is a slight feeling of melancholy.

Julie Van Der Vaart’s “Dusk” is a shrouded piece of photographic investigation into nocturnal unreason where silver nitrate meets the dim slow hum of dull bulbs or flickering candles at best. It is somber. The bodies within are posed with an unnatural grace in their soft recline. There is a memory within of Awoiska van der Molen or Daisuke Yakota’s work.

Quand le ciel bas et lourd pèse comme un couvercle
Sur l’esprit gémissant en proie aux longs ennuis,
Et que de l’horizon embrassant tout le cercle
II nous verse un jour noir plus triste que les nuits.

Charles Baudelaire

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