A drop in the ocean de Sergio Romagnoli


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“Sergio Romagnoli was killed in 1994. He was 37 years old. Despite an official investigation at the time and subsequent enquiries by his family, the circumstances surrounding his murder have never been fully explained and remain a mystery to this day. At the time of his murder, Sergio and his wife were living on Sao Tomè and Príncipe, a small island nation in the Gulf of Guinea off the West Coast of Central Africa. They had ventured there to do voluntary work in an orphanage for visually impaired children during a particularly tragic moment in their lives; following as it did, the recent death of their baby son Luigi, who had died after a serious illness at the age of one.”

Sergio’s images reveal themselves with a tangible purity; comforting companions during the many hours that the curators spent leafing through his archives, photo albums and ephemera. Seemingly simple yet highly proficient, Sergio’s photographs demonstrate an acute visual sensitivity, closely connected to factual reality yet powerfully evocative of the viewer’s own experiences; an evocation of journeys, encounters and study aimed at discovering, knowing and understanding. The act of seeing as common denominator.


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