Dominique Lambert by Stéphanie Solinas


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Dominique Lambert by Stéphanie Solinas

Every copies comes with 5 stripes of passport pictures

Dominique is the most popular gender-neutral first name in France. It is also the twenty-seventh most common first name, just as Lambert is the twenty-seventh most common last name. From these names Stephanie Solinas establishes her study population of the one hundred and ninety-one Dominique Lamberts listed in the telephone directory

Implementing an array of techniques used by public official services to represent a person’s identity, involving experts, and advancing her investigation over multiple successive stages, Stéphanie Solinas explores and exhausts the processes and tools of representation itself, uncovering of the worlds of each Dominique Lambert. This book displays for the first time a collection of faces within a sample population through which both clichés and singularities are questioned to make up the full portrait of how indeterminate and complex identity appears.

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