Die Sonne Ter Mond by Agnes Prammer


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„Die sonne ter mond“ is divided in three parts.

Part One deals with the living situation of a man who lives in a cave in one of
the most expensive part of Salzburg called Aigen.
I got to know the man randomly in the woods and started to have interesting conversations with him about life in a cave, walking, silence and art.

The second part deals with huts built by children in the forest. I am intrigued by the purposelessness („Zwecklosigkeit“) of the constructions, which sometime look like installations of art

The last part reduces the image language even more. From the structural photographs of the forest huts, now only monochrome pictures of nature remain.

All three parts combine questions about what is viewed as art and what’s left outside? As well as who decides about these things. Also they all position themselves critical to the common capitalistic system.

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