Diary by Boris Mikhailov


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Diary by Boris Mikhailov

The book Diary by Boris Mikhailov has a characteristic which distinguish himself from other kind of diary, the materials are not organized chronologically.
Mikhailov loses his job, becomes an artist, gets married twice, has a son, moves to Germany…; Ukraine sinks into the Soviet Bloc, regains it autonomy, Communism and Capitalism swap places, the Orange Revolution explodes along with the gas crisis and the Maidan Square protests…
All these episodes, public and private, appear here without a linear order nor a cyclical motion.
The sequence doesn’t follow any temporal rule, breaking down into countless shreds like the bodies and objects it describes This is the moment of the autopsy.

The scorpion and the Coca-Cola by Francesco Zanot

Structured into four sections, this densely thick 400-plus page opus with more than 900 images, Diary is not a book for a single sitting. Taking in small chunks of Mikhailov’s method, mockery and irreverent theatrics that tackle the history and crash of one former empire, one might start to wonder what Vladimir Putin might think of having a deviant like Mikhailov around to piss on his Ukrainian dream.

Jeffrey Ladd in 1000wordsmag

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