D’entre eux by Cédric Gerbehaye


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What does it mean to belong somewhere? After years of shooting documentaries in remote areas of conflict, he is now concentrating on his compatriots, the people with whom he belongs, the people with whom he should be.

Gerbehaye doesn’t look at Belgium per se. He looks at people and sees tenderness, fear, despair and consolation. He sees uncertain times, sorrow for what has been lost and fears for the future. In D’entre eux, he looks for the truth, the weight of which can be hard to bear. He depicts how we work, play, celebrate and wait, how we manage to carry on and who we love. He observes his countrymen as one of them and asks the viewer to do the same. With gentle insistence, he places us among them. Or is it among ourselves?

exhibition at the FOMU

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