Dear Vietnam by Lin yu chih


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Dear Vietnam by Lin yu chih

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This book is Lin yu chih experience of travelling to Vietnam.
He went to Vietnam for a short work 15 years ago and travelled again alone to it 15 years later.

There is an essay in the book:

There is a river in front of the gate. Boats flow through it. Motorcycles that sell groceries and food occasionally come. The dirt road is by the river. On the other side is the endless green rice fields. There is a grocery store in the next settlement. A divorced woman holds a little girl and talks to him in fluent Chinese eagerly. Takes him to a large pond behind the house to see fish and bullfrogs. And tells about the past life in Kaohsiung a few years ago, then returns to the store. He sat in a hammock and drank a cup of coconut juice with a lot of sugar and ice. He is very happy to live in this village. A week or ten days

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