Dazai by Daido Moriyama


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Daido Moriyama Dazai book deals with Osamu Dazai novel “Villon’s Wife
“Sachi is the long-suffering wife of popular novelist Otani in post-World War II Japan. Brilliant but self-destructive, Otani spends his days drinking, running up debts, and looking for inspiration with other women. A visit from Miyo and Kichizo, the owners of the tavern which Otani frequents, informs Sachi that her husband has run up a fortune in debts and has stolen money from them. To pay off the debt, Sachi becomes a waitress at the bar, where her beauty and warmth bring in new customers.”

The images of Moriyama deals with the text of Dazai in such a way that you get carried away immediately, a really well conceived book from graphic design to print.

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