The other day by Quentin de Briey


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The other day by Quentin de Briey

Quentin de Briey began taking photos as a hobby after his aunt gifted him a Nikon manual camera for his 16th birthday. Over the next 10 years, he would casually capture both mundane and exciting moments while skateboarding and traveling with friends. It was only after an injury left him unable to skateboard that he began to consider photography as his full-time profession.

Title“digital platforms are more like fast foods to me,” he quips. If the digital equivalent is a McDonald’s 99p mayo chicken, then you can be sure that the book is a gastronomic masterpiece of tender seared duck foie gras.

The images in The Other Day—which include snapshots taken during De Briey’s skateboarding days, vacations with girlfriend Steffy Argelich, and more recent fashion commissions—all look at home next to one another because they retain the same grainy, caught-in-the-moment quality that has come to define the photographer.

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