Claude et Lilly by Vincen Beeckman


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Claude & Lilly by Vincen Beekman

“I was in love more and more each year,” says Claude. “My love grew and grew, it never stopped.”

Vincen Beeckman first photographed Lilly and Claude in 2015. He made pictures of them holding hands, kissing, embracing. They were pictures for Lilly and Claude, simple pictures of love and togetherness.

In the 23 years they were together, Lilly and Claude led difficult lives in Brussels, moving from small flat to street and back again. In June last year, Lilly passed away, and Claude was left alone. This book was made for Claude, for his memories of Lilly and the years they were together. It is also made for everybody, a reminder that love is for everyone, everyone. This is the story of Lilly and Claude, this is A Love Story.

Lilly passed away on 6th June 2018, Claude by her side till the end. The romance between them is kept alive through Vincen Beeckman’s pictures of Claude and Lilly. Text by Colin Pantall

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