Circling around To Sang by Ringel Goslinga


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Circling Around To Sang is Ringel Goslinga’s affectionate homage to legendary Amsterdam photographer Lee To Sang and his beloved neighborhood, De Pijp. To Sang’s world-famous photostudio operated from premises in the Albert Cuypstraat for almost 25 years before its closure in 2003. Goslinga took over To Sang’s camera – a Mamiya 6 x4.5 – to make portraits of local people. They posed for him in the street, often still clutching their shopping bags. Goslinga’s classic monochrome portraits form a sober contrast to To Sang’s exuberant studioshots, taken against exotic backgrounds and teeming with plastic props. In their own highly individual ways, both photographers have succeeded in capturing the cultural diversity of Amsterdam. Apart from Goslinga’s portraits, the work also includes casual snapshots recording encounters between the two photographers.The cheap snaps show the domesticity of To Sang’s life since he retired from studio photography and decided to devote himself to painting in his old age. – See more at:

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