Ciertas Vidas Perras by Adrià Cañameras


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Sea Cañameras bride Adrià, went to live in Madrid for professional reasons. And Adrià began to visit frequently, to document their stays, and gradually obsessed with a city that retains a unique aura to any other city in the world.

Precise and serene, with extraordinary maturity for his age, so Adrià has photographed everything for over two years.

In this book dialogue constantly days and nights, individuals and the masses, the streets and the bars, statues and trees, classic and contemporary … And especially, public and private. Without clear boundaries, no dividing lines, in the same way in which merge and blend into the life experience of the author.

The result is a beautiful journey through the love story of Sea and Adrià, dotted with walks, meetings, visits, breaks and endless nights where everything is possible and nothing escapes. Adrià has collected moments, memories, strokes, and given them a book to set them forever, in a generous and passionate gesture, between unconscious and illustrious.

The images are accompanied by short texts by Jorge M. Fontana, where the Madrid experience Adrià described from shared anecdotes, stories and creating a narrative that rather than narrow, wide the margins of interpretation of the images.

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