Chroma by John Divola


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Chroma by John Divola


Chroma is the name Californian artist John Divola has given to a large body of work made in the early 1980s that brought together a number of his interests – unnatural color (from gels covering his flash); geometry and nature; and the way photographs slip between symbolic meanings and actuality.

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At the same time, Divola was switching from color negative that he was using for Zuma to large format color transparency.

He became aware that the early C-type color prints faded badly and was trying to use a new, more stable material. This was Cibachrome, which printed from transparencies. It was very industrial and artificial, with deep color saturation and contrast. It was a very flawed material for conventional images but with unique properties that he ended up embracing for the Chroma images.

Chroma by John Divola tipibookshop skinnerboox

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