Catalogue by Vincent Delbrouck


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Catalogue by Vincent Delbrouck

Signed copies available after the book launch in Unseen

Each copy is unique, made of randomly stacked sheets printed only on the recto and coming with a unique and extra overs sheet bonus (overprint) hidden somewhere in the flow.

This is Not a Catalogue
Despite its title, which evokes the idea of creating order, Catalogue does not propose a methodical classification.

The book is composed of numbered plates, of single images, teeming collages, and exhibition views.
The order of pages in each copy is different, in a random sequence.
V.D. uses photography to transcribe his experience of the world and encompass its diversity.

The desire to display a disordered multiplicity is strong. This lead him to arrange his images in the form of constellation – moving forms, suffused with a flow of sensations; untameable.

He creates his layouts from a large number of photographs accumulated over time.
For Catalogue, he chose not to order his images chronologically or linearly, because, haunted by what is constantly breaking away, overflowing, and fleeing, he is always challenging order and chaos, in line with the thinking of Gilles Delouse and Félix Guattari:

« We require just a little order to protect us from chaos. Nothing is more distressing than a though that escape itself, than ideas that fly off, that disappear hardly formed,already ended by forgetfulness or precipitated into others that we no longer master… »

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