The Castle by Federico Clavarino


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The Castle by Federico Clavarino

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The Castle is made of four parts.

Chapter one, “The Dead”, refers to its modern founding myth: the events that led to the contemporary European order.
Chapter two, “The Organising Principles”, deals with the ideas of power and authority that are at the basis of European societies.
Chapter three, “The Castle”, explores the resulting building by evidencing its elements of separation and control.
Finally, the fourth and last chapter, “At Twilight”, is at the same time a prophecy and an exhortation.

Interview on Xatakafoto

F: What is the best photobook you have seen so far?
FC: All the ones I wished to make but failed to make.
Focus on: Federico Clavarino for 2016 – On New Italian Photography on the Fantom edition Blog

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