Byrrrh by Byrrrh


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Byrrrh by Byrrrh

Byrrrh by Byrrrh it’s the sound of trucks grinding through coping; the shuder of a child shivering when left to play outside in the cold; a thirst-quenching beverage that warms the soul after a hard day of work… all this and more.

All the benefits go to support the Byrrrh & skate project. With each book, one free entrance to the skatepark.

Three years ago after the closure of the well-known Roller Park in Anderlecht, Belgium in 2005, skateboarders throughout the country had nowhere to skate after the weather turned in winter. Determined to find a solution, Youssef searched for an indoor space that he and his friends could skate.

Eventually Youssef came across a perfectly lit, smooth floored, dry, abandoned warehouse that he used to work at. It was the ideal space for a new skate park, and over a few weeks him and his friends began collecting skate obstacles and building ramps for it from donated wood.

Youssef’s second indoor skate park suffered the same fate as the first, and in 2016 he was determined to find a permanent space to skate. He came across a new spot in Anderlecht, a little further out of the city, an old TV studio that was bigger and better than anything he’d found before. This would become the home of Byrrrh.

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