BOOKbundle – Symposium: The Individual, The Political and The Photobook


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Book pack made after the Symposium: The Individual, The Political and The Photobook
with these photobooks  :

Post script by Laura El-Tantawy , (signed)
On abortion by Laia Abril ,
Rivers of power by Alejandro Cartagena  (signed) and
Margins of Excess by Max Pinckers . (signed)
The books by Dragana Jurisic and Mark Neville are currently soldout and not in this pack.

On Thursday, February 1st, 2018, the FOMU hosted ‘The Individual, The Political and The Photobook’, a day filled with inspiring talks and discussions about the role of the contemporary photobook in the so-called documentary genre.

This international symposium was organised by Stefan Vanthuyne within the framework of the Belgian Platform for Photobooks , a research project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, with the support of the research groups Thinking Tools and ArchiVolt.

Photobooks today, through thorough attention to design, image selection and sequence, have become a perfect medium for complex and layered visual stories. In what has become a noticeable trend, more and more photographers experiment with the book in terms of both form and content to push the ideas and boundaries of the documentary genre. A highly subjective, sometimes autobiographical approach appears to be key to all of this, turning the individual experience into the political – and vice versa.

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