Blanco by Awoiska Van der Molen


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Blanco by Awoiska Van der Molen

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Spending long periods of time in solitude in remote landscapes, Awoiska van der Molen slowly uncovers the identity of the place, allowing it to impress upon her its specific emotional and physical qualities. Using her personal experience within the landscape for her creative process, she instinctively searches for a state of being in which the boundary between herself and her surroundings blur -Anna Dannemann.

‘The first thing you need to understand about reality is that it is divine’ Friedrich Schelling

The sense of the divine is an experience rather than a concept, a revelation rather than an intellectual construct. You can’t tell that a landscape is divine by signs in that landscape. It simply is divine, and that is why you can recognise the signs. It is the light that produces shadow and radiance. It is the mist that blurs lines and creates depth in what otherwise would have been glaring sunlight. Divine means that I am part of a process that I myself cannot control but must perform as well and conscientiously as I can for as long as I live. The moral is that we must understand the process: Schelling is a philosopher and seeks wisdom rather than the capacity to act. He has no wish to intervene in Nature, he is no scientist or engineer.
He wants to understand how it works, how Nature gives shape to the divine. The why question has already been answered in advance. And everyone knows that the real world is divine, larger than light. That is why we are so repelled by it.

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