Beyond here is nothing by Laura El-Tantawy


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Beyond here is nothing by Laura El-Tantawy

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There are many photo books produced about the world around us. There are far fewer books about our inner world. Books about the absence of something.

“Enclosed between four walls, the sound of silence never seemed louder. It’s claustrophobic. I wait for the phone to ring, check for emails obsessively, eat everything out of the fridge. The hunger remains. I feel like if I dig my hand deep into my soul, I will find nothing. The awareness I am experiencing is unspeakable. Faces change when we meet. Is their solitude reflected in mine? There is an awkward silence.” Laura El-Tantawy.

This book is like a Pandora’s Box. Open it up and all the demons of loneliness are set loose to haunt the reader, confronting him or her with their own feelings of not belonging, but also with the beauty of it.

Sybren Kuiper (-SYB-) – Design & Book Concept

Beyond Here Is Nothing is a photo-book object meditating on home. A place of belonging, a tranquil state of mind; a nostalgic memory or an imaginary destination – home is a perpetual possibility El-Tantawy is journeying to reach.

Her personal experience growing up in contrasting cultures is the window to an intimate and emotive visual exploration of the unsettling feeling of rootlessness, the mental burden of loneliness and the constant search for belonging in unfamiliar places. Drifting between the physical and the whimsical, the book reveals itself through layers of images and words. A mirror of dispositions. A living object harmonizing with time.

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